The story of the charitable organization "International Charitable Foundation "ASADAL" begins in 2012, when a group of ethnic Koreans in Dnipro founded the public organization "Korean Society "ASADAL".

The mission of this organization - is to promote and develop Korean culture and traditions among interested persons, to promote friendship between the Ukrainian and Korean peoples, as well as to promote deepening of cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Korea.

From the time the organization was founded and until February 24, 2022 by the leadership of the public organization "Korean Society "ASADAL" held many events aimed at spreading Korean culture in the Dnipropetrovsk region and other regions of Ukraine. This organization has been repeatedly awarded with honorary diplomas and appreciations from the government and from non-governmental organizations. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine the NGO is actively engaged in volunteer activities, helping all victims of the armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine. In September 2022 the "ASADAL" team founded ICF "ASADAL"for Ukraine's victory and its post-war reconstruction, in order to unite volunteer and charitable activities in the form of increasing the volume of assistance, as well as diversifying the ways of providing it. The foundation's specialty is activity that uses it's experience and connections in the field of Ukrainian-Korean cooperation. There relevant grounds for this is that the Republic of Korea itself has a unique experience of rapid recovery after the devastating Korean War of 1950-53." ICF "ASADAL" believes that the experience of this country can be useful and form the basis for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

Since the time of the first Korean state "Kochoson", the national idea of "Hongik Ingan" appeared, the concept of which is to help the world through love and service to people. This idea contains an exceptional aspiration for the Korean people to become a nation that lives "for the benefit of all mankind".

"Hongik Ingan" (Korean: 홍익 인간) is the basic philosophy of Korea and the Korean people, which transcends ideology and religion, translates as "For the benefit of mankind / Dedication to human welfare". The phrase can also be translated as "Live and work for the benefit of all mankind".

Throughout the history of Korea, from the emergence of the first Korean state "Kochoson" to the present time, one can trace the continuity of the style of national thinking based on the ideas of mutual assistance, mutual respect and common prosperity.

The Republic of Korea is still working to improve the world's well-being, being the second largest country in the world in terms of the amount of volunteer assistance provided in the world.

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